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"Promoting Pharmaceutical Exports Based on a Regional Market Study" falls within the Regional Project to Support Arab States in their Pursuit of Economic and Social Reform and Multi-lateral Economic Cooperation.

In 1997, the Trade Information Center at the Ministry of the Lebanese Economy and Trade identified the Pharmaceutical Sector as a promising sector that may have a prosperous future. The sector fits the portfolio of Lebanon due to the quality of the human resources and their interest in medical related professions including Pharmacy.

Today, the sector is even more pertinent to the revitalization of the Economy. It promises to employ and train young professionals; it promises to promote local industry; and change perception of "Made in Lebanon" products in general and drugs specifically. With the proper regulating environment, enforcing Good Manufacturing Practices and Intellectual Property Rights, Lebanon's Industry may move to develop stringent Quality Control measures.

Control measures with a well designed public awareness campaign renders Consumer Protection efforts more effective. Cooperation among Manufacturers, Public Sector, Orders, and other Stakeholders, can only lead to successful resolutions of issues and implementation of recommendations.

The five main issues identified include: Limited Quality Control Measures, Lack of Modernization of Laws and Procedures, Low Consumer Confidence, Outdated Essential Drug List, and Inaccessible Data.

Tackling these issues requires a well designed comprehensive strategy that manages a circle of activities by concerned parties. Industry is advised to Invest, Diversify, and Communicate. The Public Sector, on the other hand, is requested to Regulate, Monitor, and Facilitate. Private Sector is invited to assist and inform. Well coordinated efforts render this ambitious process results oriented.

In cooperation with the United Nations Development Program, a Workshop was hosted under the auspices of Minister Nasser Saidi, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry. It resulted in the enthusiasm of manufacturers to pursue development activities and follow up on the set up of recommendations.

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